The Secret is in Helping Others

My name is Kelvin Chong. I am an Insurance Advisor specializing in financial risk management. I help my clients understand the risk associated with their health and financial well-being along with provide insurance-based solutions. My expertise has been built on a base of ethics and aligning with my customer needs. Having more than 30 years’ experience in the financial insurance industry I am fully versed on a variety of options for my clients. This is evident in the positive feedback that I continue to receive from both previous and new clients. Choosing Kelvin Chong & Associates for your financial risk planning needs means choosing an experience based on knowledge, trust and results.

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- Kelvin Chong is a seasoned and qualified insurance specialist with a broad repertoire of skills and experience to support the individual needs of each client. Kelvin has the unique ability to make insurance an understandable concept and application to your financial situation without the use of complex jargon. He takes the time to confirm that the client understands the plans and clearly articulates the various options. Kelvin’s priority is addressing the client’s needs and ultimately their comfort with the way forward. Kelvin’s reputation for client satisfaction is his most valued skill.


- Kelvin Chong is an insurance advisor who has built his practice on trust, transparency and demonstrated results in helping his clients prepare for the present and the future. Kelvin offers more than other advisors by working with his clients to establish a clear vision of their big picture and discusses the options for executing their goals. Beyond being an expert at his craft, Kelvin is a concerned and diligent professional whose first priority are his clients’ needs.


- Kelvin’s business model approaches the issue of financial risk management planning and its complexity and turns it into something accessible, simple and understandable. Kelvin’s solutions are based on the client being an active participant by asking them specific questions and verifying them with measurable and proven results. To choose Kelvin Chong as you insurance advisor is to choose security and peace of mind.

“There is brilliance in simplicity and with simplicity there is clarity”

- Kelvin Chong -

Why Me

Kelvin is an insurance advisor with a sincere interest in people their financial well-being and personal success in life.

Kelvin Chong is an insurance advisor that can do what every other advisor will offer and more. His practice is based on the principles of integrity, transparency and helpfulness. Kelvin works with his clients to establish a clear vision of their big picture and the execution of all their financial goals. Beyond being brilliant at his craft, Kelvin is a concerned and diligent professional who will apply himself with the responsibility and detail to execute the work required. Irrespective of where you are in life Kelvin Chong & Associates will be with you for each and every step along the way.

Learn About My Values

My Values

  • 1.My Clients

    Satisfaction of my customers is my number one priority. When my client feels a level of comfort and security for the future, this increases my personal satisfaction.

  • 2.Integrity

    All the work I do with clients and to develop my practice are based on the values of high integrity, transparency and honesty. I have been able to be in the insurance business over 30 years based on this premise.

  • 3.Honesty

    Transparency and clear communication are the cornerstones of my success. My clients’ peace of mind and their continued confidence in my ability, encourage me to continue to deliver value and meaningful results for their future.

  • 4.Forward Thinking

    I work with my clients to plan for the long term and explore a variety of options. Personally, I keep abreast of changes in plans and legislation and notify my clients accordingly, if these changes could potentially affect them.

  • 5.Accountability

    I am accountable to my clients. The assessments and investigations I do for my clients and how they are executed are based on this accountability.

  • 6.Ethics

    The ethical and fair treatment of my clients is paramount for me. I do not believe in pressuring clients into plans that they are not comfortable with.

  • 7.Confidence

    As a practiced planner, I am confident in my ability to better the lives of my clients by helping them make change in their own lives. This is evident from my client testimonials and clients referring me to their friends and relatives.


Life Investigation

- The first step with clients is always a comprehensive investigation of their lifestyle, their assets and the ways that they could improve their lives through change and moderation. With the client’s privacy of the utmost importance, any information shared would be in confidence and in the interest of adding to the wealth in their lives.

Rules & Planning

- With a clear idea of the realities of the client’s financial life the second objective is always to establish a set of rules and codes for the future. Planning for the future and for possible expenses or growths plans laid down are always rooted in the guidelines and aligned with practical and reasonable expectations.

Thorough Execution

- Through the deployment of the risk management plan and its attached rules and resolutions, the client and the planner move forward with the mutual interest. Success and growth are through the application of a plan grown in an environment of trust, experience and goodwill.

At the end of the day the business of financial risk management planning boils down to the issues of trust and integrity. With Kelvin Chong you have the chance to work with a seasoned Insurance advisor who is whole-heartedly interested in your peace of mind and financial well-being.

Kelvin Chong & Associates is where you will find a sound and secure financial risk management plan for your future that will be explained and demystified for your needs. Kelvin’s obligation is to both his profession and the public that he serves and ensuring your confidence and peace of mind. Take the first steps today by calling and seeing how we can be of service to you.

Choose Kelvin Chong & Associates if you want to work towards a secure and successful financial future that will bring you the peace of mind that we all strive for.


  • Financial Planning
  • Insurance Auditing
  • Insurance Claim Counselling
  • Insurance Assessment
  • Financial Risk Assessment
  • Income Replacement Assessment
  • Net-worth Assessment
  • Estate Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Group Benefits Assessment
  • Financial Strategies
  • Longevity Investment Planning
  • Product Allocation Assessment
  • Disability Insurance